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A podcast series that celebrates innovative tech entrepreneurs from Australia finding success in Hong Kong. Austrade's Sam Guthrie talks to insightful guests across a range of verticals, profiling Australian tech capability and opportunities in Hong Kong.


Australia is known in Hong Kong and across the region for its premium quality food and beverage exports, but we often come across people who are surprised to learn that we are also significant global players in innovation, science and technology.

Our usual response to this misunderstanding is to deliver the Australian innovation key messages:

Australia is ranked 19th out of 128 countries in the Global Innovation Index
We have had 15 Nobel Prize winners
Australia is ranked in the top 10 among OECD member nations for its total expenditure on R&D
The quality of our science and R&D is ranked 8th out of 140 economies by the World Economic Forum
The CSIRO ranks in the top 1% of the world’s scientific institutions across 14 research fields - (and by the way, they also invented WIFI!!!)

Unfortunately statistics are often quite intangible and can’t give a full sense of the momentum driving innovation technology entrepreneurship in Australia.

At Austrade we are privileged to regularly come into contact with smart, creative and often visionary Australian innovators who are successfully competing in global markets. 

They can be individuals, start ups, SMEs, MNCs or R&D institutions - the one thing they have in common is that their stories, experiences, capability and success bring to life the key message that: Australia is a globally significant source of innovation and technology.

As a result, we thought we would start sharing their stories with you.

We are creating a podcast series that will focus on innovative entrepreneurs from Australia finding success here in Hong Kong. 

Its called, not unsurprisingly, Aussie Innovators in Hong Kong and you can find the first ‘introductory’ episode here. (There will be more to come!)

Our objective is to share with you a series of informal, (mostly) jargon free discussions with innovators from Australia who are engaging in Hong Kong. 

Our darker purpose is to illustrate, in an interesting way, the breadth and depth of Australian tech capability.

In the coming months we will introduce you to Australian innovators working in FinTech, EduTech, InfraTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, MobilityTech and much more.

Importantly we’ll also highlight the opportunities in Hong Kong for Australian entrepreneurs. 

And there is a lot going on in Hong Kong: the government is pursuing an aggressive Smart City agenda and eager to attract start ups with expertise in areas like internet of things, cybersecurity, big data analytics, and AI.  

Hong Kong is a super-connector to mainland China, a north Asian regional hub for MNCs, and a rich source of locally originating capital. Oh, and we’re also negotiating a free trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong!

Both customer and funding opportunities are significant here and through our podcast we will endeavour to highlight real time opportunities for Australian innovators.

So, in the coming months we’d be delighted if you had a listen to our series. The production values may not be ultra slick, (we’re working on it!) nor will this be an overly formal or official broadcast- our focus is simply to have some interesting discussions with some inspiring Australian innovators - then share those discussions with you.