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A podcast series that celebrates innovative tech entrepreneurs from Australia finding success in Hong Kong. Austrade's Sam Guthrie talks to insightful guests across a range of verticals, profiling Australian tech capability and opportunities in Hong Kong.

Oct 21, 2017

Sam Guthrie of Austrade Hong Kong discusses the latest trends in cyber security with Mohan Gandhi of Entersoft, exploring the world of white hat and black hat hackers and how this Aussie start up is strengthening the cyber defences of its clients across the globe.

For more information about Entersoft,...

Oct 12, 2017

Online customer analytics has always been an advantage that internet retailers had over their bricks and mortar competitors. Now an Aussie start up, Trendwise is delivering online style analytics for clients dealing in the physical world. In this episode, we sit down with Founder Clinton House and Global Sales Director...